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Historical Insect Losses:

This section contains historical data (1979 - present) on the estimated cotton losses to insect pests in Arizona.

Historical Cotton Insect Loss Data (Arizona)

Detour signNational Cotton Council Cotton Pest Losses Data (whole U.S. through 2001)

Detour signMississippi State University Cotton Insect Losses Data (whole U.S. & state-by-state)


Publications Based on CIL Data:

Ellsworth, P.C., L.M. Brown, A. Fournier, and W. Dixon. Measuring Up! Involving Stakeholders in Assessment of an Industry’s IPM Revolution. University of Arizona, Department of Entomology & Arizona Pest Management Center. 7th International IPM Symposium, Memphis, TN, March 27-29, 2012. (Poster)

Fournier, A., P. Ellsworth, V. Barkley. 2007. Economic Impact of Lygus in Arizona Cotton: A Comparative Approach. In R. Tronstad & E. R. Norton [eds.], Cotton: A college of Agriculture and Life Sciences Report. AZ1437. University of Arizona, College of Agriculture & Life Sciences, Tucson, AZ. pp. 155-166.

Ellsworth, P.C. and J.S. Jones. 2001. Cotton IPM in Arizona: A Decade of Research, Implementation & Education. In J.C. Silvertooth [ed.], cotton, A college of Agriculture Report. AZ1224. University of Arizona, College of Agriculture, Tucson, AZ pp. 199-215.


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