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The U of A Calender of production agriculture related Cooperative Extension Events

Cotton Advisories weekly seasonal cotton advisories, providing timely information on weather conditions, heat units, agronomic, disease and insect issues.
Vegetable Advisories periodic seasonal vegetable advisories, providing timely information on weather conditions, agronomic, disease and insect issues, including insect sticky trap results.
Alfalfa Reports biweekly reports on alfalfa production in the Yuma region, includes information on agronomic practices, insect pest control, weed control and price information.
Small Grains Advisory advories on small grain crop development in various regions of the state.
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"Biotech Cotton 8: Bugs 0" - Biotech cotton has beaten back pink bollworm 8 years running, reports a team of scientists from the University of Arizona.
Clientele Enquiries - information related to recent clientele enquiries made to the UA faculty on ACIS related issues
Pesticide News - pesticide news items (ACIS)
WestVeg News - This newsletter from the UA vegetable specialist covers many topics with a focus on vegetable quality issues.
Irrigation News - news items on irrigation, water and water quality (ACIS)
Plant Pathology Newsletter - published by Extension Plant Pathology at The University of Arizona.

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