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Managing Growth
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Nutrient Budget Tool (2013) The Nutrient Budget Tool is a resource to help growers adequate provide the correct amount of nutrients to their crops for the optimal yields.

Manure Directory Contact List (2013) The online Manure Directory has been created for growers with interest in using manure in their fertilizer program. The directory lists local contacts in Maricopa, Pinal, and Pima Counties with interests in and/or supplies of manure. The directory includes contact information, types of manure, and county location.

Detour signHeat Units (2013)
Detour signCotton Monitoring and Management System
Detour sign Growing Cotton in Arizona (Crop Profile)
Detour signUC California Cotton Review
Detour signA General Guide to Global Positioning Systems (GPS) - Understanding Operational Factors for Agricultural Applications in Arizona by Pedro Andrade-Sanchez and John T. Heun
Biosolids Land Use in Arizona, PDF file 3.1MB
Planting Date Management
Plant Population Evaluation/Management for Cotton
Timing the First Post-Plant Irrigation
Management Considerations for Short Season Cotton in Arizona , PDF file, 42KB
Agronomic Guidelines for Pima Cotton Production in Arizona, PDF file, 36KB
Making Replant Decisions in Cotton by R. Boman and R. Lemon, Texas Cooperative Extension Service. Note: these guidelines were developed for Texas production systems. Dates, recommendations and other specific information may not be accurate for cotton production in Arizona or other regions.
Early Season
Early Season Crop Management
Early Cotton Development
Diseases and Production Problems of Cotton in Arizona, PDF file, 909KB
Managing Growth
Detour signBoll Maturity Dates for Late Season Cotton Flowers (2014), PDF file, 329KB by Paul W. Brown Jeffrey C. Silvertooth.
Detour signCommercially available cotton height-controlling PGRs in Arizona (2012), PDF file, 759KB by Guangyao (Sam) Wang, E. Randall Norton.
Detour signAssessing Cotton Yield Loss to Hail Damage in Southern Arizona (2011), PDF file, 1.1MB by Guangyao (Sam) Wang.
Management of Fertilizer Nitrogen in Arizona Cotton Production by Jeffrey C. Silvertooth, Felix Ayala, E. Randall Norton.
Detour signCotton Heat Stress, PDF file, 1.27MB
Following Cotton Development Over the Fruiting Cycle
Determining the Mainstem Node Number for Cotton
Estimating the Vegetative/Reproductive Balance in Cotton Growth
Estimating Fruit Retention
Estimating Fruit Retention - Procedure
Height to Node Ratio - Procedure
Mepiquat Chloride (MC) Application Guidelines for Arizona Cotton
Crop Management for Optimum Fiber Quality and Yield
End of Season
Detour signOperation of Yield Monitors in Central Arizona: Grains and Cotton (2013), PDF file, 1.19MB by Pedro Andrade-Sanchez and John T. Heun.
Detour signChoosing harvest aid chemicals for Arizona cotton (2012), PDF file, 514KB by Guangyao (Sam) Wang, E. Randall Norton, S. Loper.
Detour signDefoliation Timing for Arizona Cotton (2012), PDF file, 949KB by E. Randall Norton, Guangyao (Sam) Wang, S. Loper.
Detour signUSDA Pre-Harvest Security Guidelines and Checklist 2006 PDF file, 372KB
Use of PPO Herbicides as a Cotton Harvest Aid (PDF file, 21KB)
Identifying the Agronomic Point of Diminishing Returns for Irrigated Cotton
Detour sign NEW! 2012 Boll Maturity Dates For Late Season Cotton Flowers (PDF Version, 320KB)
Deciding on the Final Irrigation
Crop Management for Defoliation
Physiology of Cotton Defoliation, PDF file, 349KB
Defoliation of Pima Cotton, PDF file, 40KB
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