The January 2006 workshop was held in conjunction with the Arizona Section of the Society for Range Management winter meeting and drew together over 140 participants representing private ranches as well as land managers from federal, state, and local land management agencies. Eleven presenters from the University of Arizona, Northern Arizona University, New Mexico State University, and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service provided cutting edge information on recent climate changes, climate change projections and the implications for range management. A workshop exercise integrated future climate change projections with state & transition models to provide a framework for participants to manage a hypothetical land unit under change climatic conditions into the future.

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Workshop Materials


Workshop participants in small groups for the state & transition/climate change exercise (San Carlos, AZ, January 2006)

Workshop Exercise: The Game of States and Transitions

A state & transition model developed by the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service for an Arizona sacaton grassland was used as the framework to explore the complex interactions between climate variability/change and range management decisions. Workshop participants worked in 7-10 person teams to collectively manage a hypothetical 1000 acre parcel using this state & transition model in conjunction with artificial climate data going 70 years into the future. Precipitation data maintained the same variability as seen in Arizona for the past 70 years while temperature data had a 1 degree Fahrenheit per decade increasing trend in average temperatures imposed on the time series. These data were used in conjunction with the vegetation states outlined in the state & transition model to create a role playing exercise for range managers to explore how management decisions may change with a changing climate. (Click here for an overview presentation on the exercise by M. Crimmins and G. Zaimes)


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