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Directory of Soil Scientists Working with Aridic Soils of the United States and Israel

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Carla Casler
Arid Lands Information Center
1955 E. Sixth St.
Tucson, AZ 85719-5224
Fax: (520) 621-3816

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7. Mark the box of each category that pertains to your interests (mark all that apply).
Soil survey/mapping
Soil evolution/genesis
Soil ecology/biology
Soil mineralogy/micromorphology
Soil physics/water relations
Soil chemistry/plant nutrition
Soil mechanics
Land use/evaluation
Remote sensing/GIS
Salt & gypsum affected soils
Soil reclamation/conservation
Forest and range soils
Irrigation/drainage technology

8. Please give brief descriptions of your research, development, or survey projects in aridic soils.

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