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Notes about the Hebrew on this Site

For the sections in Hebrew, you will need to have the appropriate fonts installed on your computer. See Hebrew on the Web for one possibility.

The current state of affairs, that we know about, anyway, is that most editors and browsers don't know how to handle right to left-reading text. The consequence is that the text we have presented is formatted to a specific line width, and if a browser's window is narrower than that, the text will wrap the beginning of a line of Hebrew below the rest of a line, rather than the other way around. We're sorry if this poses a problem for some of our users, but it's the best we've been able to do.

Another issue arose when we learned that some people were getting the text re-reversed. It turned out that for users of the Hebrew version of Windows 95, there is a setting accessible in the tray of the start bar that switches between reversing what is found ("He" choice) and leaving well enough alone ("En" choice). Figure 1 shows the icon to click and the setting to choose ("En") to have our pages displayed properly.

Figure 1

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