Arid Lands Newsletter

Fall/Winter 1989, Issue No. 29

ISSN: 1092-5481

Home-grown vegetables being sold at market

Drylands Gardening

Arid Lands Newsletter
No. 29, Fall/Winter 1989
Desert Architecture

Emily E. Whitehead
Joe Gelt
Paul Mirocha
Melanie McBride
James T. Kimball

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Dryland household gardens in development
by Daniela Soleri and David A. Cleveland

Explores the potential of gardens to contribute to dryland development by improving individual and community well-being in ways that are socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable.

Techniques for dryland gardens: Water conservation
by Daniela Soleri and David A. Cleveland

This short excerpt from the authors' book Food from dryland gardens draws on both western science and traditional knowledge in summarizing water conservation techniques.

Hopi gardens
by Daniela Soleri

Through a combination of tradition and innovation, Hopi Native American gardeners have developed strategies to cope with some common dryland garden problems.

Impact of a women's garden project on nutrition and income in Senegal
by Jacqueline Reynaud, Thierry Brun, and Tonia Marek

Measures the extent to which a household garden project has had an impact on nutrition and income in the project area.

Household vegetable gardens in Africa
by Timothy R. Frankenberger, M. Priscilla Stone, and Sandra Saenz de Tejada

Case studies from Mauritania and Lesotho provide insights into considerations that should be taken into account when implementing household gardens in development projects.

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