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McMahon, M. M.  2005.  Phylogenetic relationships and floral evolution in the papilionoid legume clade Amorpheae.  Brittonia 57: 397-411.  pdf.

McMahon, M. M. and L. Hufford.  2005. Evolution and development in the amorphoid clade (Amorpheae: Papilionoideae: Leguminosae): petal loss and dedifferentiation.  International Journal of Plant Sciences 166: 383-396.  pdf.

Ané, C., J. G. Burleigh, M. M. McMahon, and M. J. Sanderson.  2005.  Covarion structure in plastid genome evolution: a new statistical test.  Molecular Biology and Evolution 22: 914-924. access.

Hufford, L., M. M. McMahon, R. O’Quinn, M. S. Poston.  2005. A phylogenetic analysis of Loasaceae subfamily Loasoideae based on plastid DNA sequences.  International Journal of Plant Sciences 166: 289-300.  pdf.

Driskell, A. C., C. Ané, J. G. Burleigh, M. M. McMahon, B. C. O’Meara, and M. J. Sanderson.  2004.  Prospects for building the tree of life from large sequence databases.  Science 306: 1172-1174.  pdf (paper), pdf (supp).

McMahon, M. and L. Hufford. 2004.  Phylogeny of Amorpheae (Fabaceae: Papilionoideae).  American Journal of Botany 91: 1217-1228.  pdf.

Hufford, L. and M. McMahon.  2004.  Morphological evolution and systematics of Synthyris and Besseya (Veroniceae): A phylogenetic analysis.  Systematic Botany 29:716-736.  pdf.

Hufford, L. and M. McMahon, 2003. Beyond morphoclines and trends: the elements of diversity and the phylogenetic patterning of morphology. In T. F. Stuessy, V. Mayer & E. Hörandl (eds.). Deep Morphology: Toward a Renaissance of Morphology in Plant Systematics. Koeltz, Königstein.

Hufford, L., M. M. McMahon, A. M. Sherwood, G. Reeves, and M. W. Chase.  2003.  The major clades of Loasaceae: phylogenetic analysis using the plastid matK and trnL-trnF regions.  American Journal of Botany 90:1215-1228.  pdf.

McMahon, M. and L. Hufford.  2002.  Morphology and structural homology of corolla-androecium synorganization in the tribe Amorpheae (Fabaceae: Papilionoideae).  American Journal of Botany 89(12): 1884-1898.  pdf.

Maddison, W. and M. McMahon.  2000.  Divergence and reticulation among montane populations of a jumping spider (Habronattus pugillis Griswold).  Systematic Biology 49:400-421.  pdf.

Hufford, L. and M. McMahon.  2000.  Book review: Scotland, R., Penington, R. T. (eds.): Homology and Systematics: Coding Characters for Phylogenetic Analysis. Plant Systematics and Evolution 226:122-126.  pdf.

McMahon, S. [M.], M. Fishbein, and A. Johnson.  1994.  Noteworthy collections.  Arizona.  Madroño 41:330-331.

Publications submitted or in press

McMahon, M. M. and M. J. Sanderson. 2006. Phylogenetic supermatrix analysis of GenBank sequences from 2228 Papilionoid legumes.  Systematic Biology: 55, In press.
Sanderson, M. J. and M. M. McMahon.  Inferring angiosperm phylogeny from EST data with widespread gene duplication.  BMC Evolutionary Biology: In press. 
Sanderson, M. J., C. Ané, O. Eulenstein, D. Fernandez-Baca, J. Kim, M. M. McMahon, and R. Piaggio-Talice. Fragmentation of large data sets in phylogenetic analyses.  Mathematics of Evolution and Phylogenetics II, M. A. Steel and O. Gascuel, ed.s.  In press. 

Publications in preparation

Burleigh, J. G., B. C. O'Meara, and M. M. McMahon.  Efficiency of algorithms for maximum likelihood phylogenetic inference.  Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution.
McMahon, M. M. and M. J. Sanderson.  Bias and variance in phylogenetic inference.