Lingling An

Associate Professor of Biometry

Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering

Faculty member of Graduate Interdisciplinary Program in Statistics

Faculty member of Bio5 Institute


The University of Arizona


Mailing address: 1177 East Fourth Street

Shantz Bldg #38, Room 403

The University of Arizona

PO Box 210038
Tucson, AZ 85721-0038

Phone: (520) 621-1248

Email: anling At email Dot arizona Dot edu

Research group website:

Research Interests

         Statistical Bioinformatics

         Statistical Genomics/Genetics


         Next generation sequencing data analysis



Spring 2015: STAT 571B: Design of Experiments

Spring 2015: STAT 574S: Survey Sampling



Fall 2014: ABE/RNR 613 Applied Biostatistics

Spring 2014: MCB/ABE 516A/416A: Statistical Bioinformatics and Genomic Analysis