Organ Pipe Cactus  



Stenocereus thurberi







Form: Cactus
Seasonality: Perennial
Size: 21 feet tall,

Flowers: 3 inch blooms open at night.
Fruit: An edible spiny 1.5 inches long fruit, losing its spines when ripe. Its pulp is red. The seeds are dark brown.
Stems/Trunks: Columnar, branching from the base,
5-20 stems, 2-8 in. in diameter; 12-17 ribs;

Range/Origin: Southern Arizona (USA), northern Mexico
Hardiness: Sunset Zones: 12-24, 25F

Comments: Low litter, Long thorns



  • Exposure: Full sun
  • Water: Little to moderate water.
  • Soil: Sandy, well drained soils
  • Propagation: Cuttings, seeds
  • Maintenance: Minimal

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