Silver Leaf Cassia


Senna phyllodinea
(Formerly Cassia)



Silverleaf Cassia.JPG

Silverleaf Cassia2.JPG



Form: Shrub

Seasonality: Evergreen
Size: Grows rapidly to 6 feet tall and 6 feet wide
Flowers: Five petals, yellow, 3/4 inches wide blooming from winter to spring
Fruit: Seed pod
Stems/Trunks: With silver gray curved leaves 1 - 2 inches long
Range/Origin: Australia
Hardiness: Sunset Zones; 12-24

Comments: Moderate litter, No thorns



  • Exposure: Full to partial sun
  • Water: Low to moderate
  • Soil: Sandy, well drained soils
  • Propagation: Seed
  • Maintenance: Minimal, clean up of litter from flowers and seed pods.


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