Brazilian Pepper


Schinus terebinthifolius







Form: Shrub or small tree
Seasonality: Evergreen perennial
Size: 21 feet, but reported as high as 50 feet
Dense clusters of white flowers

Leaves: 5 to 15 leaflets, roughly oval, finely toothed edges and yellowish veins

Fruit; In dense clusters, showy bright red berries that attract birds

Stems/Trunks: Upright, single or multiple

Range/Origin: South America
Hardiness: Sunset Zone 13, 14,15-17, 19-24

Comments: No thorns, Handling the leaves may cause dermatitis


Cultural Requirements :

        Exposure: Full Sun

        Water: Low to moderate

        Soil: Ordinary, well drained soils

        Propagation: Seeds, cuttings, suckers

        Maintenance: Some; seed pod removal, optional pruning


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