Paper Flower


Psilostrophe cooperi






Form: Shrub
Seasonality: Perennial
Size: 1.5ft tall, by 2ft wide
Leaves: Linear, very slender, 2in long only 1/2 wide, alternate; green on top, underside silver, hairy when young
Flowers: Delicate yellow flowers on stem ends, bloom in early spring and sporadically; when dry, becoming paper-like
Fruit: Plentiful seed,
Stems/Trunks: Stems are whitish or silvery, hairy
Range/Origin: Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and northern Mexico
Hardiness: USDA Zones 8-11

Comments: Low litter, No thorns



  • Exposure: Full sun
  • Water: Low
  • Soil: Adaptable, well drained
  • Propagation: Seed
  • Maintenance: Minimal; prune back in fall to encourage bushy habit


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