Parry's Penstemon





Penstemon parryi 






Form: Flower
Seasonality: Perennial, evergreen
Size: 4 ft high by 3ft across
Leaves: Bluish-green, thick and soft, lance shaped, midribs and lower stems are sometimes purplish
Flowers: Distinctive, showy spikes 1 to 3ft tall, funnel-shaped 3/4in long flowers, many shades of red and pink (February to April)
Fruit: Pod containing pepper sized seeds
Stems/Trunks: Single or multi-stemmed
Range/Origin: Southern Arizona and Sonora Mexico
Hardiness: Sunset Zones; 3, 10,12,13

Comments: Low litter, No thorns



  • Exposure: Full to partial sun
  • Water: Low to moderate
  • Soil: Well drained, amended soil
  • Propagation: Seed
  • Maintenance: Some; removal of spent flowering stalks


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