Moringa Tree


Moringa olifera






Form: Tree
Seasonality: Semi-deciduous
Size: 30 ft high and 25 ft wide
Leaves; Compound, oval, medium green

Flowers: Multi-petaled white and yellow, buds and flowers edible when cooked.
Fruit; 3 sided seeds in long tan pods

Stems/Trunks: Slender with drooping branches
Range/Origin: Himalaya
Hardiness: USDA Zones; 9-10

Comments: High seasonal litter, No thorns, nearly every part of the tree is useful as food or medicine, this is a common food plant in India and Africa.



  • Exposure: Full to partial sun
  • Water: Regular watering
  • Soil: Well drained
  • Propagation: Seeds or cuttings
  • Maintenance: Some; Fast growing

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