Fortnight Lily


Moraea bicolor    






Form: Bunching upright grass
Seasonality: Evergreen
Size: 1-1.5ft tall, clump spread to 2ft
Leaves: Bright green narrow leaf with pronounced midrib, less than 1/2in wide
Flowers: Spikes 1.5 to 2ft above leaves; solitary 4-petaled flowers; predominately yellow with magenta flecks at base (late spring or early summer)
Fruit: Insignificant
Stems/Trunks: Upright blades, branching from ground
Range/Origin: USDA Zones 8-11
Hardiness: leaf tips sensitive to damage at 32F; roots thought to be hardy to mid-teens

Comments: Low litter, No thorns



  • Exposure: Full to partial sun
  • Water: Moderate, keep moist
  • Soil: Fertile, well drained
  • Propagation: Divisions, seed
  • Maintenance: Some; Trim off brown tips and flowers, divide clumps every 3 years

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