Mango var. Manila



Mango indica 






Form: Tree
Seasonality: Evergreen
Size: 90 ft. high with a 125 ft. spread
Leaves: Green, leathery and large, to 12 inches across. New leaves can be somewhat red or yellow in color
Flowers: Appear in spring to summer, depending on variety, are sweetly fragrant and attractive
Fruit: Oblong fleshy peach-like fruit
Stems/Trunks: Single, erect and branching
Range/Origin: Florida, Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru or Venezuela.
Hardiness: Sunset 23, 24; H1, H2

Comments: Seasonal litter, No thorns



        Exposure: Full sun

        Water: Low but regular

        Propagation: Seed,

        Soil: Fertile, well-drained soil

         Maintenance: Some; fertilize monthly with a balanced fertilizer at 1/2 strength.

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