Guava 'pink'


Guava tropicana



Psidium guajava




Form: Tree
Seasonally: Perennial
Size: 8 - 12 feet
Leaves; Long, medium green, pointed ovals, heavily veined

Flowers: Fragrant greenish white to white flower, 1 inch or more across, bears numerous yellow stamens

Fruit: Fleshy pink center, edible, 3 - 6 inches dia.
Stems/Trunks: Smooth, reddish brown bark peels off in large flakes to reveal a smooth grey inner bark.
Range/Origin: Southern Mexico, Central America
Hardiness: Sunset Zones: 23,27; USDA: 9b-11, 28o F



  • Exposure: Full to partial sun
  • Water: Regular water
  • Soil: Amended, sandy, well drained soil
  • Propagation: Seed, grafting or air layering
  • Maintenance: Some; mulch to retain water; fertilize every 2 months from Feb. to Dec.


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