Royal Poinciana


Delonix regia






Form: Tree
Seasonality: Deciduous Perennial
Size: 40 feet tall by 40 feet wide
Leaves; Fern-like compound leaves, finely cut into many small leaflets

Flowers: Large trusses of 4 ", orange to scarlet flowers with white or yellow markings (late spring, early summer)
Fruit: 2 foot long black seed pods
Stems/Trunks: Single trunk, umbrella shaped canopy, very attractive
Range/Origin: Madagascar
Hardiness: Sunset zones; 22, 23, H-2
Comments: Seasonal litter, No thorns, Moderate tolerance to wind and salt, Frost sensitive



  • Exposure: Full sun.
  • Water: Low 
  • Soil: Tolerant of most soils, salt tolerant
  • Propagation: Seeds
  • Maintenance: Moderate; cleanup of leaf and pods


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