Western Red Bud



Cercis occidentalis






Form: Shrub or small tree
Seasonality: Perennial
Size: 10 - 18 feet tall; 10 feet wide
Leaves; Blue green 3 inch leaves, notched or rounded tip; turns light yellow or red in autumn

Flowers: Clusters of magenta sweet pea like flowers bloom in the spring on bare twigs, branches and trunk,  needs several hours below freezing to bloom
Magenta seed pods in summer turning reddish brown and persistent through winter.
Trunks: Usually produces several trunks from base
Stems/Trunks: Multiple woody stems

Range/Origin: California, Arizona, Utah
Hardiness: Sunset zones 4- 24; USDA: 8-11

Comments: Low litter. No thorns



  • Exposure; Full to partial sun
  • Water; Low to moderate
  • Soil: Tolerant, well drained
  • Propagation: Seed
  • Maintenance; Minimal


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