Canna Lily


Canna spp.





Form: Flower
Seasonality: Perennial, tuber
Size: 3 - 6 feet tall and spreading
Leaves: Solid, striped, green, purple or rust colored foliage, shape resembles banana leaves

Flowers: Orange, red, yellow, pink, cream, white and bicolor flowers

Fruit: seed
Stems/Trunks; Thick and fleshy stems that are usually the same colors as the foliage

Range/Origin: World tropical areas: Central and South America, West Indies
Hardiness: Sunset Zones 6-9, 12-24 H1, H2

Comments: Some litter, no thorns



        Exposure: Full sun

        Water: Moderate

        Soil: Ordinary soils

        Propagation: Seed, division of tubers every 2 years

         Maintenance: Moderate, remove spent stalks regularly to increase flowering


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