Crimson Bottlebrush


Callistemon phoeniceus






Form: Shrub or small tree
Seasonality: Perennial
Size: 15 ft tall as a shrub; 25 ft tall as a tree

Leaves; Narrow 3 inch long leaves, coppery to bright green
Flowers: Red brush-like flowers up to 6 inches long,

Fruit: Woody capsules
Stems/Trunks: Multiple or single woody stems
Range/Origin: Australia
Hardiness: Sunset Zones: 8-9,11-24; USDA: 8b-11, 20o F

Comments: Low litter, No thorns



  • Exposure: Full sun
  • Water: Low to High
  • Soil: Most any soil, tolerates damp, alkaline and salty soils
  • Propagation: Seeds, cuttings
  • Maintenance: Moderate, prune to desired shape and form, fertilize as necessary

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