Red Bird of Paradise

Caesalpinia pulcherrima








Form: Shrub
Seasonality: Semi-evergreen
Size: 10ft high and 10 ft wide
Leaves: Fern-like, bright green compound leaves, turning red in winter
Flowers: Distinctive bright blooms; flowers are red, orange and yellow with long red stamens

Fruit: Brownish seed pod

Stems/Trunks: Thin and sprawling, vase shaped form, small thorns
Range/Origin: West Indies
Hardiness: Sunset Zones; 12-16,18-23,H1,H2, 32F

Comments: Low litter, prickly stems



        Exposure: Full or partial sun

        Water: Low to moderate

        Soil: Sandy, well drained

        Propagation: Seed

         Maintenance: Some; pod cleanup; pruning; can be cut back to ground if damaged


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