Directions for subscribing to the
Arizona Animal Waste Management Listserv

The awms-state listserv (mailing list) is a communication tool for anybody interested in Arizona animal waste management issues. This list will assist the users in communicating with each other; sending notices about special events and workshops; and discussing issues and resources.

This is an open list which means anyone can subscribe to this list. If you discover that someone isn't subscribed that should be subscribed, invite them to join or let Kitt Farrell-Poe know (contact information below), and she can issue them an invitation to join.

To discover "who" is already on the list, you can issue a "who" command by typing in the body of the email message:     who awms-state.

To add yourself (subscribe) to the awms-state listserv, simply send a message (to with the following information in the body of the email:    subscribe awms-state

To post a message to the list, send it via E-mail to:

Anytime you use a listserv, REMEMBER:

  1. to leave the subject line blank,
  2. to remove styles (if that is an option when sending), and
  3. if you use a "signature block" at the end of your email, Majordomo may mistakenly believe each line of your message is a command; you will then receive lots of error messages. To keep this from happening, either put a line starting with a hyphen ("-") before your signature, or put a line with just the word end on the line before your signature.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:

Kitt Farrell-Poe
Arizona Extension Water Quality Coordinator
University of Arizona
Voice: (928) 782-3836
Fax: (928) 782-1940


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