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Plants are fundamental to all aspects of our existence; they provide the oxygen we breathe, the nutrition we consume, the fuels we utilize, and the infrastructure we inhabit. Given the growth of the human population and the adverse effects of this growth on the environment, the importance of research and training in the Plant Sciences has never been more critical. 
To increase the productivity and sustainability of agricultural and urban environments in the face of these global challenges, the School of Plant Sciences offers three critical and job-oriented undergraduate majors:

Plant Sciences

Do you want to understand the fundamental biological processes of plants and learn how to apply that knowledge to solve problems such as how we can help plants adapt to a changing climate and resist diseases and pests? A B.S. in Plant Sciences equips you with a strong foundation to pursue graduate work or a career in areas such as plant breeding or research.

Also available: Plant Sciences minor

Sustainable Plant Systems

Do you want to create more sustainable food production systems, through urban farming, agronomy, or improved food safety? A B.S. in Sustainable Plant Systems will position you to develop plant and crop production systems, guide land management programs, and advance the latest practices to achieve fresh, safe produce.

Also available: Sustainable Plant Systems minor

Applied Biotechnology

Do you want to find novel ways to use living cells or biological processes to feed and fuel a growing population and fight disease? A B.S. in Applied Biotechnology degree provides you the knowledge and tools you need to answer some of the world’s most pressing questions in the areas of food production, health, and sustainability. 

Also available: Applied Biotechnology minor


Do you want to find new ways to prevent and treat disease in either animals or plants and turn your discoveries into life-saving innovations? A B.S. in Microbiology from the University of Arizona prepares you to apply systems thinking and develop solutions to protect our planet and its inhabitants from microbial threats. 
Also available: Microbiology minor and Accelerated Master of Science in Microbiology

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Our courses provide a solid foundation in biological sciences and opportunities to customize your education with diverse and interdisciplinary electives. Students can explore courses in a wide range of related disciplines from computer science and engineering to biochemistry, metabolic engineering and environmental science.

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The School of Plant Sciences offers resources and opportunities for undergraduate education in basic and applied plant sciences.  


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