Professor and Curator, RLG Mycological Herbarium - School of Plant Sciences
822D Marley / 520-3960854 / arnold@ag.arizona.edu
520-621-2244 (Lab)

We study fungal ecology, evolution, and systematics, with a special focus on fungal endophytes. We focus on plant communities ranging from Arctic tundra to hot deserts, tropical forests, and agroecosystems. Our diverse projects are united by an...

Associate Professor - School of Plant Sciences
821C Marley / 520-626-8215 / baltrus@email.arizona.edu
520-626-6573 (Lab)

The Baltrus lab is interested in understanding microbial evolution with a focus on the mechanisms and costs of adaptation and guided by expectations from genomics and population genetics.

Regents Professor - School of Plant Sciences
Forbes Bld 431 / 520-621-1402 / jbrown@ag.arizona.edu
520-621-1230 (Lab)

Research focus: (i) Dynamics of distribution, prevalence, and co-diversification driving emergent hemipteran-transmitted plants pathogens in cultivated and natural scapes, including the phytobiome (ii) Functional genomic-identification of...

Professor - School of Plant Sciences
219 Keating Building / 520-626-6634 / bfane@email.arizona.edu
520-621-8539 (Lab)

Taking biophysical, biochemical, genetic and evolutionary approaches, we endeavor to elucidate the molecular mechanism involved in viral DNA translocation and particle morphogenesis with single-stranded DNA Microviruses.

Assistant Professor - School of Plant Sciences
Marley 322 / alonsof@arizona.edu

Our research aims to comprehend the mechanistic interactions between plants, microbiomes, and ecosystem processes. Understanding this interplay is necessary for advancing sustainable agriculture and addressing climate change.

Associate Specialist Plant Pathology Extension & Associate Professor - School of Plant Sciences
Marley 341D / (520) 626-6287 / epp@arizona.edu
(520) 621-3792 (Lab)

We provide plant disease diagnostic services to Extension personnel, growers, pest control advisors, homeowners, landscape professionals, arborists, and the general public throughout and beyond Arizona. I collaborate efforts with state and federal...

Professor - School of Plant Sciences
Marley 341J / (520) 621-3764 / orbachmj@arizona.edu
(520) 621-9891 (Lab)
Professor - School of Plant Sciences
Marley 341G / 520-626-5312 / bmpryor@arizona.edu

Dr. Pryor's research interests include biological and cultural control of disease in field, tree, and vegetable crops, phylogenetic analysis and species concepts in fungi, secondary fungal metabolites, and environmental mycology. Additional...

Assistant Professor - School of Plant Sciences
341E Marley / rschomer@arizona.edu

The Schomer lab studies bacterial behaviors involved in the formation and maintenance of soil microbiomes. We use -omics enabled approaches to understand bacterial adaptations that allow them to locate and colonize host plants.

Associate Professor - School of Plant Sciences
Marley 341F / 520-621-9869 / zxiong@email.arizona.edu
520-621-9916 (Lab)

My research aims to understand the intricate interplays between viruses and their plant hosts during infection, mechanisms of plant resistance to viral infections, RNA virus evolution, and viral population genomics.