List of Graduate Courses

Course Number Title of Course Semester(s) Offered Number of Units Instructor Year Offered
BE/RNR 513 Applied Biostatistics Fall 4 L. An All
BIOC 565 Proteins and Enzymes Fall 3 J. Schwartz All
BIOC 585 Biological Structure I Spring 4 W. Cordes, W. Montfort Even
ECOL 518 Spatio-Temporal Ecology Fall 2 P. Chesson
ECOL 526 Population Genetics Spring 3 TBA Odd
ECOL 553 Functional and Evolutionary Genomics Fall 4 M. Sanderson All
ECOL 565 Phylogenetic Biology Spring 3 M. Sanderson
ECOL 572 Systematic Botany Spring 4 S. McMahon Odd
ECOL 575 Freshwater and Marine Algae Spring 4 K. Fitzsimmons
ECOL 579 Art of Scientific Discovery Fall 3 H. Gordon All
ECOL 600A Fundamentals of Evolution Spring 3 R. Ferriere All
EVNS 502 Nutrient Dynamics in Soil Spring 3 J. Walworth All
EVNS 520 Environmental Physics Fall 3 M. Schaap All
MCB 546 Genetic and Molecular Networks Spring 4 G.Yao, J. Laney, J. Buchan All
MCB 573 Recombinant DNA Methods and Applications Fall, Spring 4 S. Capaldi All
MCB 580 Introduction to Systems Biology Fall 3 A. Capaldi All
MCB 572A Cell Systems Fall 4 Nagy All
MCB 575 Scientific Communication Fall 3 T. Serio All
MCB 577 Principles of Cell Biology Fall 3 C. Gregorio, D. Vercelli, G. Mouneimne, G. Rogers, J. Wilson, K. Mcdermott, L. Lybarger, S. Harris All
MCB 579 Art of Scientific Discovery Fall 3 H. Gordon All
MCB 582 Frontiers in Biological and Biomedical Research Spring 3 D. Zarnescu All
MIC/PLP/ARL 452/552 Antibiotics – A biological perspective Fall 3 Istvan Molnar All
PLP 546 Insect Pathogens: Biocontrol Agents & Biological Models Spring 4 S. Stock Even
PLP 550 Principles of Plant Microbiology Spring 4 B. Arnold Even
PLP 575 Advanced Mycology Spring 3 M. Orbach, B. Arnold Odd
PLP 527 General Mycology Fall 3 M. Orbach All
PLP 528L Microbial Genetics (Laboratory) Spring 2 D. Baltrus All
PLP 528R Microbial Genetics (Lecture) Spring 3 D. Baltrus All
PLP 611 Comparative Virology Spring 3 J. Brown Odd
PLP/PLS 596A School of Plant Sciences Seminar Fall, Spring 1 All
PLS 583 Controlled Environment Systems Fall 3 G. Giacomelli
PLS 449A/549A Plant Genetics + Genomics Spring 3 R. Mosher All
PLS 472/572 Plant Systematics Spring 4 Michelle McMahon Odd
PLS 524R Plant Biotechnology Spring 3 E. Herman All
PLS 529 Applied Cyberinfrastructure Concepts Fall 3 E. Lyons All
PLS 539 Methods in Cell Biology and Genomics Fall 3 David Galbraith Even
PLS 540 Mechanisms in Plant Development Fall 3 R. Yadegari All
PLS 548A Plant Biochemistry and Metabolic Engineering Fall 3 M. Schmidt All
PLS 558 Plant Molecular Biology Fall 3 R. Yadegari All
PLS 560 Advanced Plant Biology Fall 4 K. Schumaker All
PLS 575A Physiology of Plant Production under Controlled Environment Spring 3 T. Quist All
PLS 579 Applied Instrumentation for Controlled Environment Agriculture Spring 3 M. Kacira All
PLS 580 Medicinal Plants Fall 3 L. Gunatilaka Even
PLS 695A Plant Sciences Journal Club Spring 1 M. McMahon All
STAT 571B Design of Experiments Spring 3 L. An All