Graduate Program

The School of Plant Sciences has an international reputation for basic and applied research on plant sciences, plant microbiology, and plant pathology. Our research responds to the urgent question of how to provide plant and microbial-based solutions to sustainably feed and clothe an anticipated ten billion humans by the year 2050. Outcomes of our vision include a broadly trained, job-ready workforce prepared to meet future challenges to agricultural and urban plant systems; robust research and extension programs that support plant improvements through genetics, breeding, and symbioses; novel strategies for mitigating plant disease and improving food safety; and innovative land management strategies to optimize plant growth.

We offer two distinct graduate programs: Plant Science (PhD, MS, and Minor) and Plant Pathology (PhD, MS, and Minor). The Plant Science graduate program prepares students for careers focused on all aspects of plants, including interactions with abiotic and biotic factors, whereas the Plant Pathology prepares students for careers focused on microbes, particularly fungi and plant-associated bacteria and viruses, both beneficial and pathogenic.