Facilities and Resources

The School of Plant Sciences (SPLS) has excellent facilities that support a wide range of research activities, from germination trials to high-throughput genomics, significantly enhancing opportunities for undergraduate, graduate, and professional researchers.

SPLS is dedicated to ensuring that the tools are available for the research problems at hand. To that end, SPLS maintains shared equipment for use by members of the school, including basic equipment such as growth chambers, autoclaves, and -80C freezers, as well as more specialized equipment. For access to these, please see the SPLS Administrative Office.

Two research farms within minutes of the campus and multiple modern greenhouse complexes complement the laboratory facilities of the various research groups. For further information on these resources, start by visiting the Tucson Area Agricultural Centers or our Controlled Environment Agriculture Center.

The University also has a well established Biotechnology Program that consists of several core facilities containing contemporary instrumentation for biological research. These facilities are available to all University researchers and include: macromolecular structure (sequence analysis and synthesis of proteins, peptides, and DNA), molecular design (computers and graphics for displaying molecular structures and for sequence comparison), monoclonal antibodies, bioprocessing (scale-up fermentation), cell sorting, light microscopy, electron microscopy, and biomolecular characterization (NMR, mass spectrometry, ORD-CD). Visit the Arizona Research Laboratories for additional information.

Brief information on each can be found through this link; follow the quick-link tabs on the left for each unit’s website.