Valerie Teetor

Research Specialist, Senior - School of Plant Sciences

Research Lab/Affiliation

Dr. Dennis Ray Lab

Educational Background

  • B.S. Plant Sciences Cornell University 1995

Research Interests

New crops in arid lands

Selected Publications

Teetor, V.H., Ray, D.T., Schloman Jr., W.W. 2009. Evaluating chemical indices of guayule rubber content: Guayulins A and B. Ind. Crop. Prod. 29, 590-598.

Teetor, V.H., Duclos, D.V., Wittenberg, E., Young, K.M., Chawhuaymak, J., Riley, M.R., Ray, D.T. 2011. Effects of planting date on sugar and ethanol yield of sweet sorghum grown in Arizona. Ind. Crop. Prod. 34(2), 1293-1300.

Schloman Jr., W.W., Teetor, V.H., Ray, D.T. 2006.  Protein levels affect the cure efficiency and allergenic potential of polyisoprene latices. Rubber Chemistry and Technology  79(4), 631-640.

Ray, D.T., Veatch-Blohm, M.E., Teetor, V.H., Walsh, B. Upper and lower heritability estimates in guayule based on mode of reproduction, 2007. J. Am. Hort. Soc. 132 (2), 213-218.