SPLS Tuesday Seminar - Promotion Talk

Dr. Eric Lyons
The University of Arizona, School of Plant Sciences
Tuesday, November 8, 2022 - 4:00pm
Marley 230 or Zoom https://arizona.zoom.us/j/83941552191 password: spls2022

Abstract:  Over the past 5 years, Dr. Lyons has rotated as a program director at the National Science Foundation, continued to run a successful federally funded research program, became lead of CyVerse ($115M NSF project), and started a company through UArizona's I-CORPS and TechLaunch programs. These efforts are centered on his overall goal to develop and support excellence in others with a primary focus on enabling science and education through computational technologies.  Ten years ago, he started his UArizona research program founded on the belief that academic research in the life sciences was undergoing a revolution.  A variety of innovative and inexpensive technologies were becoming available to accumulate data and observations of organisms and biological systems at an unprecedented scale and level; however, transforming these data into knowledge required a new type of research environment wherein data scientists and scientific domain experts work together in interdisciplinary teams.  The solutions these scientists collaboratively develop must be available for other researchers to easily use for scientific discovery, and for data scientists to reproduce results and incorporate into novel applications. This was at the edge of a new frontier in massive life-science data management and analysis, and academic research, teaching, outreach, service, and mentorship must all work together to make advances in data-driven discovery and innovation.  While this is currently the reality of nearly all research science, now, more than ever, there is the need for enabling computational technologies and requisite educational resources to help all researchers, regardless of their domain and computational background.

Short Bio: Dr. Eric Lyons is an associate professor in the school of Plant Sciences at the University of Arizona.  His research focuses on scalable computational systems and infrastructure to support and accelerate life science research. To support this, Dr. Lyons is lead PI on CyVerse, a $115M project funded by the National Science Foundation to provide cyberinfrastructure for life science research. He has authored over 100 peer reviewed articles and book chapters, and teaches students how to use large-scale computing to solve problems and answer questions in biology. Dr. Lyons serves on several boards of non-profit companies and research institutions and has worked in biotech, pharma, and software companies around the SF Bay Area, and has served as a Program Director at the National Science Foundation in the Plant Genome Research Program.  He earned his bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD from UC Berkeley in Immunology, Microbial Biology, and Plant Biology, respectively.  He recently started a company through UArizona’s Tech Launch and Center for Innovation focused on improving dog breath.
This is a live in-person presentation in Marley 230. 
Online attendance is available on Zoom: https://arizona.zoom.us/j/83941552191 password: spls2022 
Refreshments prior to the start of the presentation will be from 3:30 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. in the Marley lobby