Samantha Orchard

Associate Professor of Practice - School of Plant Sciences, Marley 541D
(520) 621-3969

Educational Background

  • NIH postdoctoral fellow, bacterial genetics, San Diego State University (Dr. Anca Segall)
  • Ph.D., Bacteriology, University of Wisconsin-Madison (Dr. Heidi Goodrich-Blair)
  • B.S., Microbiology, University of Washington-Seattle

Teaching Responsibilities

  • PLS 170C2 Introductory Biotechnology (EP-Natural Scientist General Education course; Fall/Spring)
  • MCB/MIC/PLS 340 Introduction to Biotechnology (foundational concepts that drive Biotechnology; Fall/Spring)
  • PLS 340L Biotechnology laboratory (hands-on microbial molecular biology, cloning, heterologous protein production; Spring)
  • PLS 434 534 Industrial Biotechnology (especially the use of microbial fermentation to make biotechnology products; Fall)
  • ACBS/NSC/PLS 498C Applied Biotechnology Senior Capstone (for seniors who are majors in the Applied Biotechnology program; Spring)