Matthew A. Jenks

Professor, Bud Antle Endowed Chair for Excellence - School of Plant Sciences, Forbes 135

Educational Background

  • BS - Horticultural Science, Michigan State University
  • MS - Horticultural Science, University of Florida
  • PhD - Horticultural Science, Purdue University

Research Interests

  • Jenks' research seeks to elucidate whole plant and cellular mechanisms underlying plant adaptability to both biotic and abiotic environmental stress, with a main focus on the plant cuticle.
  • Jenks' teaching and research is placing increasing emphasis on plant industrial products.
  • Currently, I am not bringing on new students or postdocs.

Selected Publications

Huang H, Yang X, Zheng M, Chen Z, Yang Z, Wu P, Jenks MA, Wang G, Feng T, Liu L, Yang P, Lü S, Zhao H 2023. An ancestral role for 3-KETOACYL-COA SYNTHASE3 as a negative regulator of plant cuticular wax synthesis. Plant Cell 35:2251-2270.
Li S, Yang X, Huang H, Qiao R, Jenks MA, Zhao H, Lü S 2022. Arabidopsis ACYL‐ACTIVATING ENZYME 9 (AAE9) encoding an isobutyl‐CoA synthetase is a key factor connecting branched‐chain amino acid catabolism with iso‐branched wax biosynthesis. New Phytologist 233:2458-2470.
Feng T, Wu P, Gao H, Kosma DK, Jenks MA, Lu S 2022. Natural variation in root suberization is associated with local environment in Arabidopsis thaliana. New Phytologist 236:385-398
Qayyum Q, Ayoubi SA, Sher A, Bibi Y, Ahmad S, Shen Z, Jenks MA 2021. Improvement in drought tolerance in bread wheat is related to an improvement in osmolyte production, antioxidant enzyme activities, and gaseous exchange. Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences
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Xu X, Chen N, Feng J, Zhou M, He J, Zou Y, Shi S, Zhou Y, Jenks MA 2020. Comparative analyses of leaf cuticular lipids of two succulent xerophytes of the Ordos Plateau (Gobi Desert), Tetraena mongolica maxim and Zygophyllum xanthoxylum (Bunge) Engl. Environmental and Experimental Botany 177,
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Tang S, Chen N, Song B, He J, Zhou Y, Jenks MA, Xu X 2019. Compositional and transcriptomic analysis associated with cuticle lipid production on rosette and inflorescence stem leaves in the extremophyte Thellungiella salsuginea. Physiologia Plantarum 165:584-603.
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Popovsky-Sarid S, Borovsky Y, Faigenboim A, Parsons EP, Lohrey GT, Alkalai-Tuvia S, Fallik E, Jenks MA, Paran I 2017. Genetic and biochemical analysis reveals linked QTLs determining natural variation for post-harvest water loss in pepper (Capsicum) fruit. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 130:445-459.
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Research Areas

  • Biochemistry and Physiology
  • Environmental and Stress Biology