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2002 Arizona Agricultural Experiment Station Research Report

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Dear Readers,

From the laboratory to the field, CALS researchers continue to focus on the concerns and needs of Arizona citizens. This current issue of the Agricultural Experiment Station Report outlines research in a wide variety of areas, affecting both urban and rural parts of the state.

Life is never dull for those involved with research in support of the world’s food supply. Each year seems to bring new opportunities and new challenges. Our most recent challenge involves Homeland or more specifically, “agro”security, an aftermath of September 11, 2001. The possibilities with respect to contamination of our food supply can be chilling to think about. We will never be 100% secure, but certain steps can be taken to minimize the impact of some terrorist-induced or accidental calamity. You will see in one of the articles in this year’s report that our Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory has been selected to participate in a Homeland Security pilot program to prevent bioterrorism and agroterrorism by testing animals for domestic and foreign diseases. I also want to highlight the article on our newly dedicated Agricultural Research Complex, a unique facility that will address ways to reduce heat stress in domestic livestock, a problem that reduces meat and milk production in hot environments. Lastly, please note the article on the Santa Rita Range, which has served for 100 years as a monitoring area for livestock grazing and range health. We believe this is the nation’s oldest continuous range research facility. We will be celebrating this centennial achievement in the coming year.

Our production staff, consisting of Susan McGinley, Robert Casler, Maria-del-Carmen Aranguren and Joanne Littlefield, have earned a big thank you for producing another excellent publication. Hopefully everyone will find at least one article that is of specific interest.

Please contact us if you need additional information.


Colin Kaltenbach
Vice Dean and Director,
Agricultural Experiment Station
(520) 621-7201


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