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1997 Arizona Agricultural Experiment Station Research Report

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The College of Agriculture includes the School of Family and Consumer Resources, the School of Renewable Natural Resources, the Office of Arid Lands Studies, the Agricultural Experiment Station, Cooperative Extension, and the Office of Academic Programs.

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1997 Arizona Agricultural Experiment Station Research Report

Produced by
Educational Communications and Technologies

Susan McGinley

Publications Coordinator
Robert Casler

Susan McGinley, Lacey Halstead, Wanda McCormack, Bonnie T. Poulos, Judy Smith

Interim Director, ECAT
Roger Caldwell

The Arizona Agricultural Experiment Station Research Report is a publication of The University of Arizona College of Agriculture.

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Table of Contents:

Karnal Bunt

Arizona Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory

Aquaculture Pathology Program Focuses on Shrimp

Getting the Word Out

Does "Retail-tainment" Draw More Shoppers?

Grazing Patterns

Parasitic Wasps

Innovative Meat By-Products

Broken Branches

Exploding Zoospores

Daily Stress in Midlife

Annual Research Awards in the College of Agriculture

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