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CURRENT ISSUE: Desertification and local resilience

Both on the ecological and the policy level, it is increasingly recognized that desertification and climate change go hand in hand, and that actions taken to mitigate or adapt to the one phenomenon will also help address the other. The articles in this issue explore the nature of ecological tipping points and how climate change might help push ecosystems into irreversible change; how societies themselves can help avoid this by becoming more resilient, and a tool that can help them do so; how efforts at resiliency can be undertaken at a personal as well as a larger social level; and how ordinary citizens can participate in the development of tools to monitor and ultimately address climate change and other environmental issues.


The exciting news is that with this issue, we are back on track to publish two issues a year, have switched to delivering articles as more easily downloaded, searchable .pdf files, and are exploring other possible ways to augment the information we bring you (Arid Lands Newsletter blog, anyone?).

At the same time, we abruptly find ourselves in need of external funding to continue publication. We are in the process of exploring various options and would like to involve you, our readers, in this process. Has the newsletter been a valuable resource for you? Has it helped you with a specific project, problem, work project or school assignment? Has a particular article given you new insight into some aspect of drylands? If so, please let us know about it! Comments can be emailed to the ALN editor, Comments received by July 24, 2008 will be particularly helpful although later comments are also welcomed.

As we continue to explore the possibilities for future publication, we may also contact you again, by means of this web site, for further comments and feedback. Thank you for your participation, and stay posted.

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