Riverview, LLP 2020 Summer Internships

Some internships may be closed. Please refer to the organization’s web page for up-to-date postings and opportunities.

Posted 9/24/2019

Application Due October 31, 2019 - If you are applying for multiple internships, only 1 application is needed.

Internship Dates- Tuesday, May 26, 2020 - Friday, July 31, 2020

Contact: Joan Spaeth (joan.spaeth@riverviewllp.com) or 320-392-6741

Riverview offers paid, hands-on internships in Arizona, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Mexico, and South Dakota. Interns on farm teams will rotate through different teams within their systems throughout the summer. Ability to learn farm-specific Spanish through an immersion experience (Dairy, Beef Feedlot, Calf Ranch, Crop Production Internships). Interns located at Morris office will work directly on teams in designated areas, for example, HR, Accounting, etc.

Interns pay for their own housing, but Riverview will help interns find places to live near their internship sites.

These 10-week paid internships are designed for students who want a front-row seat to work with a team and want to grow as an individual. Interns have opportunities to network with other interns during tours, local parades, open houses, company picnic, and mid-summer leadership academy.

Here are the Internship Opportunities:

Rotations: Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Cost Accounting, Financial Reporting, Financial Projections, Banking, Insurance, Human Resources

Location: Morris, Minnesota


Rotations: You will be given the opportunity to work as an individual contributor or on project tams using software engineering and analytical skills. Internship will be focused on applying and building engineering skills applied to cloud platform, big data platform, platform or application prototyping.

Location: Morris, Minnesota


Rotations: Prepare statistical reporting, including financial performance, variance and cost analysis. This will allow you to develop an understanding of financial, accounting and treasury concepts. You will be a liaison for the non-financial leaders and will provide reporting and analysis support.

Location: Morris, Minnesota


Projects: Educational Experience Teaching/Development, Agricultural Messaging Development, Agricultural Info graphic Development, Advocacy Training, Community Outreach, Design/Develop Website Content, Photography + Video, Stevens County 4-H Dairy Project Adventure

Location: Morris, Minnesota


Rotations: AutoCAD, Carpentry, Concrete, Heavy Equipment Operation, Plumbing, Surveying

Location: Morris, Minnesota


Rotations: Feeding/Nutrition, Pen Riding, Processing, Shipping/Cattle Tracking, Treatments, Yard Maintenance

Nebraska Location: Atkinson

South Dakota Locations: Frankfort, McLaughlin


Rotations: The objective of the Crop Production internship is to gain exposure, knowledge and experience to the areas of Agronomy, Forage, Manure, Trucking, and Feed.

-Arizona: Willcox
-South Dakota: Veblen, Frankfort
-Nebraska: Atkinson
-Minnesota: Morris, Pennock, Murdock, Wheaton*=


Rotations: Feeding/Nutrition, Herd Health, Hoof Trimming, Mastitis/Treatments, Maternity, Reproduction

-Minnesota Locations: Hancock, Morris, Murdock, Pennock, Wheaton
-South Dakota Locations: Milbank, Veblen
-Arizona Location: Willcox
-Location: Texico, New Mexico


Rotations: Benefits, New Hire, Payroll, Recruiting, Safety

Locations: Morris, Minnesota


Rotations: PLC/Controls/Electrical Systems, Construction/Design, Data Management, Facilities, Pumping + Piping Systems, Milking Systems, Ventilation Systems, Water Systems

Minnesota Locations: Morris, Pennock


Rotations: Work with the team on Manure Management Planning, Annual Reporting and Water Monitoring. This, like all internships will be molded to the student’s expectations. Environmental Studies, Agronomy and other students will benefit from this amazing opportunity.

Locations: Morris, Minnesota

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