Submitting pollen images

About the images on the site

Our goal is to create a web-based pollen atlas on which every image is supported by a voucher specimen that has been determined by a taxonomic specialist. All pollen images included on this site have associated voucher data. However, some pollen images with supporting voucher specimens have not been identified by a taxonomist specializing in Convolvulaceae. These names are only provisionally accepted and are indicated as such.

Submitting images

If you are interested in sharing images then contact the site administrator, Dan Austin, by email: >.  You will need to provide a completed data sheet for each image you submit (or if several images are made from the same pollen sample, one data sheet per set of images made from the same voucher specimen).


The pollen data sheet <Data sheet > asks for background information about the image itself, as well as about the supporting voucher specimen. Please make sure you have assembled all the required information for each image before you submit the image files and data sheets to the site administrator. The data will be combined with the image on the site. Incomplete data means the image cannot be used.


The site administrator will review your data to make sure it is complete and ask you for further details if necessary. Images will be posted to the site only after all data qualifications have been met.


If images have been published it is the responsibility of the image owner to secure copyright release before the images are submitted to this pollen atlas site. If copyright cannot be obtained, then one solution is to use a different image than the one that was published, so there is no risk of violation. Pollen images that have been published will be acknowledged in the data, with citation of the work in which they appeared.

Initially, all names displayed with images will be those supplied by the contributor. A World Checklist & Bibliography for Convolvulaceae is currently under development; once the nomenclature has been suitably clarified, all names will be standardised against this checklist. Contact George Staples ( for information about the World Checklist & Bibliography effort.

Taxonomy will be used as provided by the image owner. If, however, the name used is not current, either (i) it will be corrected and the image owner notified of the current name or (ii) the image owner will be asked to provide the current name. In unresolved taxonomic cases, submitted names will not be changed.


Please note that:

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