Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Club 40(2): 58–59. 1913. Juniper globemallow, slippery globemallow. Like the fingers of a hand.

Plants: Perennial subshrubs
Stems: To 50 cm.
Roots: Tap rooted acording to Kearney. Type specimens with roots reveal plants growing from rootstocks.
Leaves: Deeply parted to divided without or with a few secondary lobes
Inflorescences: Usually 1-- 3 flowers per node
Flowers: Orange with dark red or purple anthers.

Distribution and Habitat
Northeastern Arizona, much of New Mexico, southern Utah. According to Kearney, "Inhabits well-drained slopes, sometimes among junipers or pines".

Kearney thought this species related to S. grossulariifolia.