Explore CALES Majors

There are advantages to being an undecided major in the College of Agriculture, Life and Environmental Sciences, especially if it’s your first or second year in college. You’ll benefit from all that CALES has to offer, including more than $1 million in scholarships reserved specifically for students in our college, use of the dedicated CALES Career Center, and access to special events just for our students. Our academic advisors will work with you to help you discover a major that’s meaningful to you, while you explore the possibilities and earn credit toward your general education classes. 

No Major? No Problem.

It’s not uncommon for new college students to be unsure of what major they should choose. It’s OK to explore your options before committing to an academic path. In fact, your first year of classes typically consists of general education courses that cover a variety of topics and interests. This allows you to take courses in areas you’re interested in to see if they’re right for you, all while working toward completing your bachelor’s degree. 

There are a few things to keep in mind as you explore your degree options. We recommend you declare your major within your first two years of college to ensure that you stay on track to graduate as soon as possible and, if you’re a freshman in CALES, sign up for CALES 195C, a one-credit success course in the fall, where you’ll focus on skills and information to help you succeed in your classes and future career. It’s also important to work with an advisor who will ask you about your interests, learn about your skills and abilities, help you research possible majors, and suggest options that could work for you.

If you’re interested in animal and human health, retailing and industry, the helping professions, engineering, environmental sustainability, or food production and preparation, you’ll likely find a good fit in our college. CALES offers 19 majors to choose from and more than 30 different emphasis areas to customize your degree. 

Career and Academic Services college advisors are trained to assist you with major exploration. Contact an advisor to explore CALES majors.