DSCESU Membership

Members of the Desert Soutwest CESU benefit from a collaborative partnership in research, education, and technical assistance. Collaboration is facilitated by a streamlined task agreement process, and a 17.5% indirect cost rate (with the exception of the indirect cost rate of the U.S. Forest Service (0%) and Natural Resources Conservation Service (10%)).

Criteria for DSCESU membership:

1. Building DSCESU capacity

2. Applicability of knowledge and skill set to the DSCESU 

3. Compatability with DSCESU mission

4. Regional perspective and/or involvement, or potential for regional involvement, including spatial scale

Please note that commercial or for-profit cooperator entities are ineligible for membership.

Interested parties should review:

1. The DSCESU Cooperative and Joint Venture Agreement to ensure the organization can abide by all responsibilities and expectations of partner institutions.

2. The 2023 New Member Application Process to find application steps for federal and non-federal partners. Interested parties should contact the program coordinator at bizsnre@cals.arizona.edu to establish initial contact.


Benefits to Agencies:

- Access to a wide range of scientific and project management services from universities and other organizations

- Focus on multidisciplinary problem-solving

Benefits to Universities:

- Opportunities for faculty to provide technical assistance to agencies and other groups

- Opportunities for graduate student research, participation in projects, internships, and employment

Benefits to NGOs:

- Access to and participation in research, technical assistance, education, and social science projects

- Focus on multi-institutional approach to resource issues

Benefits to Tribes:

- Educational and professional development opportunities for students, scientists, and natural and cultural resource managers

- Focus on collaborative approach to addressing resource issues