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On-line Continuing Education Classes (Jul 11, 2012)

The Weed Science Society of America (WSSA) has developed a five module training program on herbicide resistant weeds that that is offered on-line by Penton Media. There is no charge for this program and it is accredited for two continuing education hours by The Arizona Dept. of Agriculture and The California Dept. of Pesticide Regulation. It is also accredited for two hours of soil and water credit for Certified Crop Advisers. The name of this course is Current Status of Herbicide Resistance in Weeds and it is divided into five modules : Section 1-Current Status of Weeds, Section 2-How Herbicides Work, Section 3-What is Herbicide Resistance, Section 4-Scouting After Herbicide Application and Confirming Herbicide Resistance and Section 5-Principles of Managing Herbicide Resistance. You can access this course on-line on If you want to earn continuing education hours for the program you must complete a quiz. When you pass the course with a passing grade of at least 70% Penton will notify the agency that manages your license that you have completed the course and you will receive a certificate for your records. You can download the course to review and study offline and you can take the quiz as many times as you like.

This is one of more than 20 continuing education courses offered by Penton Ag Media for PCAs, Private Applicators , Aerial Applicators and Qualified Applicators. Most of these courses are provided free of charge and are sponsored by several agricultural suppliers. Some courses are no longer sponsored and cost $50 per course when taken for credit. Other weed management courses include: Weed Management in orchards and vineyards, Managing Spray Drift to minimize Problems, Weed Resistance in Agronomic, Row and Trees, Nuts and Vines, Weed Resistance Management in Cotton and Weed Resistance Management in Non-Crop,Industrial, Turf and Ornamental Sites. Arizona is one of only four states in which no cases of herbicide resistance have been reported. All of the states that border Arizona have had documented cases and this is a growing problem that can be avoided.

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"CORRECTION": A previous article in this Advisory stated that" The Eptam label specifies "Do not plant cotton or crops not listed on the Eptam label for 90 days after application". Actually, this has been changed to now read "do not plant crops not on the Eptam 7E label for 45 days after application." We regret the error.

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