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Pesticide Analytical Laboratory at the Yuma Agriculture Center (October 14, 2015)
The need to quickly and accurately test soil, water and plant tissue for the presence of pesticides has grown as the crops produced here have become higher in value and more diversified. It is difficult and costly to produce specialty crops and vegetable seed and producers here use some of the most advanced equipment available. When producers need to evaluate the possibility for pesticide residues in a field or crop it is no longer good enough to call a county agent to visit the field, kick the dirt and make his assessment. Commercial Laboratories are available to test soil, water, plant tissue and feed and a publication has recently been updated by Jeff Schalau from the Yavapai County Extension Office that lists these: Laboratories Conducting Soil, Plant, Feed or Water Testing.

It is more difficult, however, to find local laboratories to do pesticide analysis. We have been working for the past 3 years to establish a pesticide analytical laboratory at the Yuma Agriculture Center to assist growers in this region when they need to determine pesticide residues in soil and plant tissue. This laboratory is not intended to be a substitute for commercial laboratories but to assist producers when they need a quick indication of potential residues. If further testing is needed, we suggest that additional samples are sent to a commercial lab. We use the QuEChERS extraction method and a High Pressure Liquid Chromatograph for detection. The QuEChERS extraction method was developed in 2003 and stands for Quick, Easy,Cheap,Effective Rugged and Safe. If the Lab can be of assistance to you, you can contact Marco at 928-782-5871 or Juan at 928 782- 5883 for information on if we can detect the pesticide you need to test for and how to collect the sample.

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For questions or comments on any of the topics please contact Marco Pena at the Yuma Agricultural Center.
College of Agriculture, The University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ.

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