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Areawide Insect Trapping Network (September 20, 2017)
Results of pheromone and sticky trap catches can be viewed here.

Corn earworm: Moth activity fairly high for this time of the year in some locations in Tacna, Roll and Dome Valley.

Beet armyworm: Moth activity was comparable to catches this time last season; trap catches varied across locations with activity greatest in Tacna.

Cabbage looper: Cabbage looper activity was overall generally low, but captures were greatest in Tacna and Yuma Valley.

Whitefly: Adults captures on sticky traps have seasonably high in the E. Gila Valley and Wellton. In both cases, traps are located near cotton.

Thrips: Thrips activity was seasonally low at all trap locations.

Aphids: We actually caught a few aphids in a trap in the Yuma Valley, which is unusual for this time of the year. The species were unknown and likely were brought in with the storm on Sep 8-9.

Leafminers: Adult activity has been very high in a few locations but appears to be declining.

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