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This page contains a collection of educational videos from current research work in field crops by University of Arizona Researchers. The purpose is to inform interested parties of new trends, recommendations and developments in the field. We hope that the information provided here is helpful for those involved in the industry.
Pest Management
Crop Management
Pest Management Videos:

Precison Control of Nematodes in Cotton - Part I

An introduction to precision control of Root Knot Nematode (RKN) in cotton in AZ, with emphasis on Veris soil mapping system and directed soil sampling.


Crop Management Videos:

Growth Stages of Small Grains

Introduction to the main stages of small grains and their characteristics.


Tissue Sampling in Small Grain Plants for Nitrate

Methods of Sampling Small Grain Plant tissues at Different Stages of Growth for Nitrate Contents


Soil Sampling Procedures for Field Crops

Methods of Soil Sampling for N, P and other nutrient contents to adjust for Pre-plant Fertilization in Cotton and Small Grain


Basic Structure of a Cotton Plant

This video illustrates the basic parts of a cotton plant to help with understanding of cotton plant mapping.


Estimating the Vegetative/Reproductive Balance in Cotton: I. Height to Node Ratio

Research found that mainstem nodes are produced at a fairly regular rate, when the plant is not subjected to significant stress. Therefore, the number of mainstem nodes (above the colytedons) is a good measure of the crop age.


Estimating the Vegetative/Reproductive Balance in Cotton - II. Fruit Retention

Fruit retention is a quick and easy way to manage a well balanced cotton crop. It is often important to make an estimate of the fruit retention level of the crop when making decisions about basic crop management.


Estimating the Vegetative/Reproductive Balance in Cotton - III. Nodes Above White Flower

Nodes Above White Flower (NAWF) is an excellent tool to use as part of plant mapping. It gives us information on progression of the crop through the fruiting cycle.


For questions or comments on any of the videos please contact Ayman Mostafa at the Maricopa County Cooperative Extension Office.
College of Agriculture, The University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ.

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