A Transplanted Gardener Jan 1996 Herbs as Insect Repellants

Would you like to repel insects from the garden organically? In Germany I noticed many of the gardeners would interplant herbs in their vegetable and flower gardens. When asked why, they replied, "To keep the bugs out." So try using herbs to control insects by companion planting.

BASIL- flies and mosquitoes
BORAGE - tomato worm
CASTOR BEAN - moles and plant lice
CATNIP - flea beetles
DATURA - Japanese beetles
DEAD NETTLE - potato bugs
FLAX - potato bugs
GARLIC - aphids, weevils, spider mites, Japanese beetles, fruit tree borers
HORSERADISH - plant at the comers of the garden plot to repel potato bugs
HYSSOP - cabbage moth
LAVENDER - dry and place in garments or hang up in the closet to repel clothes moths
MARIGOLDS - Mexican bean beetles, nematodes and many other insects. Till into the soil after the season is over to get the greatest effect to repel nematodes.
MINT - white cabbage moths
MOLE PLANT - (a species of Euphorbia) repels mice and moles
NASTURTIUM - squash bugs and aphids
PEPPERMINT - ants and white cabbage butterflies
PETUNIA - beetles
POT MARIGOLD - tomato worms and asparagus beetles
ROSEMARY - bean beetles, carrot flies and cabbage moths
RUE - Japanese beetles (do not plant rue with basil - they dislike each other)
SAGE - carrot flies, ticks and cabbage moths
SPEARMINT - aphids and ants
SUMMER SAVORY - bean beetles
TANSY - Japanese beetles, cucumber beetles, squash bugs and ants
THYME - cabbage worms
Cheri Melton
January, 1996