Poisonous Plants and Animals

Halfmoon locoweed (Astragalus allochrous var. playanus) with pods (Susan Pater / UA Cooperative Extension)

Living in urban and rural areas, and gardening in such, can provide many opportunities to discover wildlife one may have never otherwise ever seen. The reason is because often times the plants are attractive to them. However, these experiences can be awe-inspiring and a venue for learning more. These animals can have the potential to be harmful or dangerous to humans. It is important to then learn of these creatures habits and be aware of the risks so one can act responsibly when enjoying their gardening efforts. Most incidents which result in injury are often set in motion by people who have no knowledge of the animal's defense mechanisms or warnings, therefore, they are relatively easy to avoid with such knowledge and understanding. Find out more here about these creatures, but also learn about the plants, that if identified correctly, can prevent other irritations.