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The Master Gardener newsletter began as a project for several members of the fall 1989 Master Gardener Class with Vol. 1, No.1 dated December 1989. It has been published every month since that time. Over the years, many Master Gardeners and guest writers have written timely articles for the newsletter. There are over 1500 subscribers to the free newsletter each month - many in other states and even a few in foreign countries.

If you would like to receive notification when the monthly newsletter is posted please subscribe to the newsletter notification list. This is a two-step process: after the form is completed you will receive an email with further details on subscribing. If you would prefer to receive a hardcopy of the newsletter mailed to you please send an email to:

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Save the Ironwood! May 1992
Basics of Drip Irrigation May 1992
What's Bugging You - Sowbugs and Pillbugs in the House and Garden May 1992
Fouquieria: Ocotillo Family June 1992
A Book Review: Second Nature June 1992
The Agent's Corner Q & A: Elf Leaf Beetle, Apricot and Poplar Trees June 1992
Buddy Bug: Tricogrammatidae (Trichogrammatid Wasp Family) June 1992
What's Bugging You - Cottonycushion Scale June 1992
What's Bugging You - Mites in Your Orchard and Garden July 1992
The Agent's Corner Q & A: Powdery Mildew July 1992
Oenothera Berlandieri: Mexican Evening Primrose July 1992
Buddy Bug: Bees July 1992
The Agent's Corner Q & A: Apple Tree Wooly Apple Aphid, Blossom End Rot August 1992
What's Bugging You - Squash Bugs August 1992
Zinnia Grandiflora: Prairie Zinnia August 1992