Insect Pests and Integrated Pest Management

Aphids On Plants, Aphid midge larvae (Pixabay CC0:328587 / PollyDot)

When insects cause harm to humans or their interests they are often labeled insect pests. Humans often desire to control insect pests to reduce their harmful or unwanted effects. Effective control of insect pests may demand using different strategies, depending on factors such as the type of insect, their growth stage, amount of damage caused, and host affected. Ideally an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program considers all available pest control actions, including no action, and evaluates the potential interaction among various control tactics, cultural practices, weather, other pests and the plant to be protected. Integrated pest management generally involves four major steps: identify the species causing the problem, employ prevention options, select a control (population reduction) method and monitor the situation for signs of re-infestation.