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Harvesting and Storing Foods

brown basket with lettuce, tomatoes, and bell pepper (Pixabay CC0:752153 condesign)

What a feeling! There is nothing better than when you harvest your bounty from the garden throughout the season and the feeling of accomplishment that all your hard work paid off. But what a bounty it is! In fact, a bounty that is so much you don't know what to do with all that is left even after sharing with neighbors, friends, and family. In this section you will find ways to preserve that bounty so it becomes useful to you in other ways, especially after the season is gone and the plants are dormant or the transformation from warm to cool season is underway (for example, the technique for drying to create your own spices). You will be busy because there are certain methods for harvesting particular crops, both warm and cool season, but there are equally particular methods for storing such beautiful harvests.

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